How to buy

Q. How do I purchase through LandDiscounter?

A. There are generally 3 options.

1) Escrow & title insurance.  This is at the discretion of the buyer and highly recommended for real-estate transactions.  This option generally adds about $1,000 to the property price.  Buyer would be responsible for all fees associated with this method.  Due to DBO-CAescrow regulations, only wired USD can only be accepted for this option.

2) Bank cashiers check for the entire amount of the property can be mailed in.  A deed will be written up and sent to the county recorders.  You will then receive the recorded deed from the county in about 3-7 weeks.

Q. Are properties free and clear of any liens?

A. All properties are offered on an As-Is basis.  All taxes are paid and up to date on all properties listed.  No known liens or encumbrances known for each property at time of listing unless otherwise stated in listing or tax bill.

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